Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Overloaded Recycling Bins

Yes, the recycling bins in the Library parking lot are overflowing. Unfortunately, members of the public are exacerbating the problem by continuing to drop off more recyclables in and around the overflowing bins.

PLEASE STOP adding to the mess! If you see the recycling bins are overflowing, please find another recycling location or try again at another time.

The company that services these bins has merged with another company and are in the process of reorganization. Repeated phone calls to them result in assurances that the bins will be serviced - and then they are not. Our Maintenance crew is working to resolve the issue.

In the meantime, please use another recycling location. Thank you for your cooperation and help in keeping the Library parking lot clean.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Feedback: We use Naperville and Bolingbrook to get books.

Library Expansion Planning Feedback, answering the question: What would make you more likely to use the Plainfield Public Library?

“I rarely find a book that I need in stock. We use Naperville and Bolingbrook to get books needed for elementary school projects. I am not sure why our library doesn't support 202's curriculum.”

The residents of the Naperville Public Library and Fountaindale Public Library District in Bolingbrook have supported their public libraries with tax rates well above those paid by residents of the Plainfield Public Library District. In Tax Year 2014 (payable in 2015), Fountaindale Public Library District’s operating tax rate is 0.4407 mils (0.5805 total rate, including building bonds) while the Plainfield Public Library District’s operating tax rate is 0.2057 mils. The difference in the long-term level of support for a public library is generally evident in the size and depth of the Library’s collections. Source - Will County Tax Rates

The Plainfield Public Library District works closely with the Plainfield School District 202. Library staff not only take Library programs into the schools, but also work with District 202 librarians and teachers to provide materials in support of the curriculum. Examples of programs in District 202 schools include presenting storytime at Bonnie McBeth Preschool, facilitating lunchtime book discussion groups at middle schools, and presenting programs to meet Common Core learning objectives. Since the current Library building was built in 1990-1991, District 202 has added 25 school buildings. The space constraints of the undersized library building limit the amount of books and other library materials that can be retained to support the curriculum of District 202.

From the Suggestion Box: Study Rooms

“Construct study rooms people can check out much like the study rooms in the Joliet and Naperville libraries.”

With 27,000 square feet of library building to serve 75,000 people, there just isn’t enough space to fully meet the needs of our community. The Library Board of Trustees is taking action by planning for a building expansion. Visit the Building & Expansion Planning web page http://www.plainfieldpubliclibrary.org/about/building-expansion-planning.aspx to learn more and get involved in the planning process! 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

From the Suggestion Box: Computer Use with Children

“My opinion is if like an adult is using a computer and they have just one card and the child wants to go downstairs they can still use the computer. That’s my opinion.”

I’m a little unclear on the situation, but I think the issue is the child being allowed to use a computer at the same time as an adult caregiver when they have only one library card between them. There are several factors at play here. The most important is the age of the child.

If the child is under 8 years old, the caregiver needs to be with the child at all times. While the Library is generally perceived as a safe place, it is still a public building where caregivers are expected to monitor the children in their care. In this case, the adult cannot be on a computer on the upper level while the child goes to the lower level. However, any adult accompanied by a child is welcome to use the computers on the lower level.

If the child is under 11 years old, the caregiver must be with the child in order for the child to use a computer. Again, this can be best accommodated at the computers on the lower level.

For access to a second computer, ask a staff member for a guest pass to sign in.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

From the Suggestion Box: Headphones

The suggestion box submission: “Headphones should be cheaper $1.75”

The Library sells headphones as a convenience to our computer users. You are welcome to bring your own. The headphones are purchased in bulk for the best possible price and sold at cost, rounded for convenience in making change. The current charge is $2.00 because the Library pays $1.96 each for the headphones.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Building & Expansion Planning Web Page

The newest addition to the Plainfield Library's web site is up! Take a look at the Building & Expansion Planning page on the Library's web site. On the Library's home page, you'll find it at the top of the Quick Links box on the left side of the screen. This will be your one-stop source for expansion planning information throughout the process. As documents and information becomes available, it will be posted there. Sign up for a special email newsletter exclusively on expansion planning. Take a survey and provide your feedback.

There isn't much posted yet, as the process is just beginning!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Original Library Room is a Misnomer

The “Original Library Room” isn’t an entirely accurate name for the southwest section of the current building, which was once the entire Library.

The first library building for the Village of Plainfield was actually a 750 square foot frame structure near the corner of Lockport Street and Illinois Street, where the Heritage Professional Center (formerly First Midwest Bank) now stands. That Library opened its doors in 1926.

What is now referred to as the “Original Library” was built in 1941 with the remaining funds from the two bequests that established a tax-supported Library for the Village of Plainfield.

The Plainfield Township Library also operated a library facility prior to merging with the Village Library to form the current library district. That 900 square foot facility opened in 1981, located in Grande Prairie Elementary School.

The current building expanded the 1941 facility from 2,700 square feet on two levels to 27,160 square feet on three levels. The expansion project began in 1990 and opened to the public in 1991. Staff began referring to the older section of the building as the “original library” and the name stuck.